THE Cool learning Experience BOOMERANG EFFECT 

What’s your passion?

  • Do you love to spend time outdoors enjoying nature, gardening, and bird watching?

  • Are you a curious person who loves to learn?

  • Love to garden, play tennis or maybe you know the joy that reading brings?

  • Are you knowledgeable in the fields of science, math, or engineering?

  • How about those technology and computer skills that come so easily to you?

  • There's just no end to the volunteer possibilities in the Cool Learning Experience Program.

  • How about spending an hour or two sharing whatever excites you - with kids!

  • Eager to learn, children will be grateful for whatever time and gifts you are willing to share.

  • Help expand their knowledge.

  • Enrich their lives and, quite possibly, end up enriching yours, as well.

Join us at Cool Learning Experience and experience the Boomerang Effect! When you send your love and kindness into the world by sharing what brings you joy, be ready for those gifts to circle ‘round and come right back to you! If you cannot volunteer your time, but desire to support Cool Learning Experience we would appreciate any monetary gift you are able to give.

Please visit our Partners page for more information on giving to Cool Learning Experience.

It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into doing it. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.
— Mother Theresa


Become a Volunteer

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