Sean Donté Jones

Great Blue Heron

"CLE's Great Blue Heron, Sean, not gone just flying higher than we can see."

This week Cool Learning Experience said good-bye to a wonderful nature buddy, Sean Jones, also known as Great Blue Heron.  Blue Heron and his twin brother Stacey joined our family in 2013.  As a teen educator, Sean volunteered many hours making CLE a cooler place to be.   The Great Blue Heron, one of the country’s most recognizable birds, was the perfect name for Sean.  Herons have an impressive size, specialized feathers, and are often seen standing silently along lakeshores or flying high overhead.  Sean, too, was a towering figure who was trusted to watch over younger students.  His ‘special feathers’ were Kids in the Kitchen, team leadership, and helping staff with celebration programs.  Sean cared so much for life that he rescued and cared for an injured bird found at his home until he could take it to the Barnswallow Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center.  He was always a Big Bird caring for little birds.

We will miss our Great Blue Heron, Sean Jones. Yet we know his wings still beat with steady, powerful strokes as he soars quietly above us.  And each summer, while we explore the shores of Lake Michigan, his spirit will continue to stand tall among us.

- Cool Learning Experience Family